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Under repair

Work has begun to prepare a 10 year Programme of Restoration of the roofs and walls for which funding has yet to be secured. The first priority will be to complete the restoration of the 500 year-old spire. The magnificent leadwork is now 250 years old and is leaking, damaging the ancient timbers.


Already the Cockerel has had to be urgently removed from the apex, from which it has watched over the City for hundreds of years. The cockerel is an ancient Christian symbol of the bird which called out three times on the night of Christ’s betrayal.


The Friends of St John’s have already pledged to fund the repair and regilding of the cockerel (& this banner), and we look forward to the day when it will be restored to its place of honour above the Kirk.


Insert Photo of Cockerel (text: The Cockerel can be seen close up where it rests in the Kirk.)

Working Together

Work starts 13th February until mid-June 2023, during which the leaks around the Bartizan Belfry will be repaired.


Further Phases of restoration are also needed.

Please get in touch to let us know if you can help us in any way.

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