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The Rising Son

65 The Rising Son, paingting.

The painting  behind the altar has recently been acquired (2001) by the Kirk, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor.  The artist is Hugh Murdoch, whose studio is near Kinross.

He describes the painting:

The painting represents the themes of creation and resurrection and within the painting seascapes have been used to portray these themes.


The work is made up of several smaller paintings within the larger canvass.

The small painting at the bottom of the cross represents the seven days of creation. which is symbolised through the different aspects of the sea and moon.

The two paintings making up the arms of the cross represent the crucifixion.

The centre piece is made up of three small paintings - the two larger parts represent the two thieves who were crucified with Christ, and the top painting represents the resurrection.

In the centre of the work, the small paintings are seen rising through the darkness into light, symbolising the theme of the Resurrection and the Light.


Hence the title, The Rising Son

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