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The Stirton Window

This single-light window on the right of the North Porch entrance is also the work of the late Herbert Hendrie.

The subject depicted is St Elizabeth teaching St John the Baptist. St Elisabeth, clothed in robes which shade from purple to clear blue with touches of red, looks pensively at the bor who is studying a book which she holds in her hands. At their feet lies a lamb with a nimbus of red and silver. The green foreground is studded with flowers. This picture in its dignity and simplicity creates a charming effect.

At the apes of the tracery, the Cross and Crown are interlaced amid radiating shafts of light. Underneath is a small medallion showing the Baptist standing before the grim figure of Herod.

This window was gifted to the Church by the late Rev. Dr John Stirton of Crathie, Domestic Chaplain to the King, in memory of his mother.


From the a publication by the Society of Friends of St John's Kirk

Illustrated Notes on the Stained Glass Windows and the Mediaeval Silver of the Kirk - published in 1956

- with additional photography by Andrew Mitchell -


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