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The Shrine Window

THIS THREE-LIGHT window is the work of the late Morris Meredith Williams, and illustrates the text 'And there was War in Heaven'. The theme is the ever-raging conflict between good and evil. In the centre light the Archangel Michael, clad in armour of silver and gold, sword in hand, carries the banner of Victory. In the East and West lights his warrior angels, armed with the spears of Courage, Faith, Fortitude, Hope, Magnanimity and Endurance, destroy the many-headed dragon, whose attributes are Cruelty and Greed. Here is shown the ultimate victory of good over evil.

The traceried head of the window depicts angelic figures raising the song of Triumph. The predominating colours of the window are shades of gold, green and light brown, with touches of deep red and blue.


From the a publication by the Society of Friends of St John's Kirk

Illustrated Notes on the Stained Glass Windows and the Mediaeval Silver of the Kirk - published in 1956

- with additional photography by Andrew Mitchell -


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