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The Paton Memorial Window

THIS WINDOW is situated in the North aisle of the Choir and is on the East wall of the Church. It was designed by Miss Kemp, of Edinburgh, and was erected by a Perth physician in memory of two sons who died in the First World War. The design is concerned with the idea of healing. On the one side are portrayed illness and death and, on the other, the healing power and Resurrection.

The subject of the window is a blind boy. In the left light the boy is being led by a woman. In the right light is the figure of St Luke, the beloved physician, in red, with hands outstretched. At the top of the left light a woman in green kneels by the bedside of a dying man.

At the head of the right light the empty tomb with the first rays of dawn on Easter Morning suggests the Resurrection. At the bottom of the left light are two soldiers, stripped to the waist, manhandling a gun, and opposite, on the right, a symbolic Cross and a Crown with the words: "Because I live, ye shall live also."


From the a publication by the Society of Friends of St John's Kirk

Illustrated Notes on the Stained Glass Windows and the Mediaeval Silver of the Kirk - published in 1956

- with additional photography by Andrew Mitchell -


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