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The Kidd Window

THE SUBJECT of this window is the feeding of the five thousand as related in the Gospel of St John.

On the left stands our Lord in red, holding the Bread of Life. In the next panel is St Andrew, in blue, with his hand upon the shoulder of the boy who had the five barley loaves and two small fishes, and next to him is St Philip, in reddish brown, of whom our Lord asked the question: "Whence shall we buy bread that these may eat?"

In the right-hand light is St John, in blue and red, who recounted the miracle. Beside him is the Eagle, the symbol of the Evangel. At the head of each light is a series of pictures denoting ploughing, sowing, reaping and threshing, and at the bottom of each light we see pictures of our Lord with three of his disciples distributing the Bread to the multitude.

This window was the gift of Mrs James Kidd in memory of her husband.

The artist was Miss Chilton of Edinburgh.


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