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The Forteviot Window

THIS BEAUTIFUL and colourful window was the gift of Margaret, Lady Forteviot, in memory of her husband the Ist Baron Forteviot. It is the work of Guthrie & Wells of Glasgow.

The main subject is Moses striking water from the rock at Horeb, and this occupies the two central panels. To the left is the Patriarchal figure of Moses in robes of purple and red, with arm uplifted. On the right is the rock from which the water gushes. Around and before Moses are the women filling their water-pots and making a brilliant and multi-coloured pattern in their robes of blue, green, red and gold. Underneath this central picture are roses in full bloom, with the legend - ‘And the desert shall blossom as a Rose’.

The main subject of the left-hand panel is the sower. Above are the doves of the Holy Spirit, while below is a vignette showing an angelic figure bearing the first fruits as man's offering of thanks to God for a bountiful harvest.

The right-hand light illustrates the duty of bearing one another's burdens, and below is a vignette depicting an angel with upraised hand in an attitude of prayer. In the traceried head of the window are figures bearing musical instruments and censers and thus representing praise and adoration.


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