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Statue of St John the Baptist

Finandra Nath Bose (1888/9-1926) was born in Calcutta, India. He began his studies at Jubilee Art Academy, and followed onto Calcutta Art School. He left for Europe with the intent of studying at an art institution in Italy or the Royal College in London. His applications were unsuccessful, leading him to the Board of Manufacturers School of Art in Edinburgh 1905.

A colleague once wrote, "Bose excelled in small sculpture; he had a phenomenal control of minutiae. It was most interesting to watch his beautiful hands manipulate his sculpture… he was an excellent craftsman, a true artist, showing delicacy and taste in everything he did’.

He moved to Paris to work under Auguste Rodin 1912-1915, which led Bose to being part of the New Sculpture movement in Britain.

Returning to Scotland, Bose married a Scottish woman and set up a studio in Edinburgh. He died at the young age of 37.

21st September 1926, Dundee Courier


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