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Order of Service 
The Fifth Sunday after Easter 
Sunday 17th May 2020 

The Glory of God is men and women fully alive: St Irenaeus 

Introduction of minister

Poetry : Flower in the crannied wall : Alfred, Lord Tennyson 

Hymn [ Beechwood ] 

Poetry : Sweet is the breath of morn : John Milton 

Hymn 137 

Poetry : In May, written in Glasgow by Janet Bouch at the age of 19 

Hymn 147 

Greeting : Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ 


The Call to Worship from Psalm 25 

Lord, teach me all your ways, reveal your paths to me; and lead me in your saving truth, show me what I should be. 
Remember, Lord, your love, your care from ages past; 
and in that love remember me, in kindness hold me fast. 

Hymn 181 

Prayer of Approach : Prayer of Adoration 

Prayer of Confession in unison 
Our Father, forgive us for thinking small thoughts of you and for ignoring your immensity and greatness. Lord Jesus, forgive us when we forget that you rule the nations and our small lives. Holy Spirit, we offend you in minimizing your power and squandering your gifts. We confess that our blindness to your glory has resulted in shallow confession, tepid conviction, and only mild repentance. Have mercy upon us. Amen. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Christ, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Assurance of Forgiveness 

The Lord’s Prayer 

The First Old Testament Lesson : Genesis Chapter 1 verses 1 – 19
Mrs Pat Giles of St Leonard’s in the Fields Church

Hymn 772 : from the Taizé Community, Burgundy, France
The Second Old Testament Lesson : Genesis Chapter 1 verse 20 – Chapter 2 verse 3
Miss Lucy Pringle of St John’s Kirk

Hymn 154

The Gospel : St Matthew Chapter 6 verses 19 – 34
The Minister

The Sermon


Hymn 528

The Benediction 

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