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The Heiton Window

THIS THREE LIGHT window, the work of Ballantine of Edinburgh, represents three of our Lord's disciples St Andrew, St John and St Peter. Each Saint is presented under a Gothic canopy. St Andrew, on the left, is shown with his cross before him; in the centre St John holds his pastoral staff bearing the legend: ‘Ecce Agnus De’-Behold the Lamb of God-while St Peter, on the right, holds the Key and the Book.

The scheme of this window is in the earlier style of stained glass and the colours are rather opaque.

This window was erected to the memory of Mr Andrew Heiton, a well-known Perth architect of the 19th century.


From the a publication by the Society of Friends of St John's Kirk

Illustrated Notes on the Stained Glass Windows and the Mediaeval Silver of the Kirk - published in 1956

- with additional photography by Andrew Mitchell -


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