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 All are welcome in this place 

  St John's Kirk of Perth  

From Sunday 28 March 2021 the live streaming of the Sunday Service will commence at 09.30am

Live Audio Service Dial 01738 239002
St John's Kirk - red sunset - 24 Oct 201

Letter from the Minister, the Reverend John Murdoch


The Manse of St John’s Kirk and St Leonard’s in the Fields


Letter for May

I thought that Spring must last forevermore; 

for I was young and loved, and it was May.

Vera Brittain

Dear friends of St John’s and St Leonard’s in the Fields, 

together with all who join us online from across the world:

May greetings and very best wishes!

I’m writing this on a beautifully sunny Spring day, a very special day, Her Majesty the Queen’s 95th Birthday, the 21st of April, as I look forward to May and all that ever-merry month brings.

Birthdays are special and make us feel extra-special, even if for a day! They give us a chance to look back and remember. HM The Queen this year inevitably will be looking back not so much to her own life but her own life with Prince Philip and all the wonderful moments they shared and treasured in a marriage of over 73 years. We have much for which to thank God as we reflect on their example of love, duty and service, especially as we think of the 99 years of Prince Philip, as we did in both congregations in Morning Worship on Sunday, the 11th of April. 


I believe Her Majesty, however, would want us as a nation, while possibly glancing over our shoulders at the past, to make sure we look forward to what tomorrow brings and to hope for what lies ahead: much done, much yet to do: echoing Saint Paul’s words in the Third Chapter of his Letter to the Philippians: 

What I do say is this: forgetting what is behind and straining towards what lies ahead, I press towards the finishing line, to win the heavenly prize to which God has called me in Christ Jesus.

With the easing of government restrictions concerning Church attendance as of Sunday, the 2nd of May, I am delighted to indicate that we will be able to welcome back many more people to Services of Worship. If, for whatever reason you may have been reticent to come to Church, please do feel most welcome to come back: St John’s at 9:30 am where at least 120 can be seated safely with distancing and St Leonard’s in the Fields at 11:15 am where at least 100 can be seated with those same health and safety measures in place. Live streaming and our telephone link will of course continue to operate, but I very much hope to welcome as many as might wish to attend an ‘in-person Service’. May I assure you of the highest safety measures.

I send my best wishes to you and your families and, as always, I’m available to speak by telephone or to communicate by email/letter about any matter large or small.

I look forward to in-person conversations when allowed to visit once more, even in a garden as I am now permitted so to do.

May God continue to hold you in the hollow of His hand. 


01738 628378

07578 558978

To May by William Wordsworth

Though many suns have risen and set 
Since thou, blithe May, wert born, 
And Bards, who hailed thee, may forget 
Thy gift, thy beauty scorn; 
There are who to a birthday strain 
Confine not harp and voice, 
But evermore throughout thy reign 
Are grateful and rejoice! 

Worship During Covid 19

Currently we have a morning worship each Sunday at 09.30am for a maximum of 50 people.

Updates to the legislation regarding the permitted number allowed to attend will be shown here however form the 26 April 2021 the Scottish Government will remove the cap on the maximum number of people allowed at any one time. Each congregation will be responsible for establishing their building's capacity level based on guidance provided by the Scottish Government. Our risk assessment is presently being updated to calculate the maximum number of people we could allow to attend worship in St John's Kirk-bearing in mine the size of StJohn's the outcome should be positive.

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Minister's Welcome 

Reverend John Murdoch 

As Minister I want to invite you as you read these lines to come inside this very special Church and meet the Congregation of a Kirk which has immense significance historically and nationally. It is a Kirk at the heart of Perth, with a community of faith which offers Worship on Sunday mornings at 9:30am or on Wednesday afternoons at 1pm.

Here we worship and serve God within ancient walls which tell of God’s grace and care over centuries and also within the Parish and community surrounding this sacred and holy place of pilgrimage, peace and prayer. Many visit St John’s every day and last year over 10,000 people entered the Kirk from almost every part of the world. I invite you to be part of our Kirk life where I hope you will find an oasis for Christian nurture, friendship and worship in our midst.

St John’s is an ancient and sacred space which allows you to be still, to sing, to pray and to commune with God as His Living Word in Jesus Christ is proclaimed by Grace.

Please, do come and join us as we do our best to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

"Let no-one be a stranger within these walls"

We invite into these ancient walls all who search for God and who seek the transforming love of Jesus Christ in Sacraments, in Scripture and in fellowship – with silence, prayer and music to uplift.