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With our rich history and breathtaking environment throughout, there is much to learn, see and do at St. John's Kirk of Perth.

We want to share St. John's Kirk with as many people as possible. Visitors to the kirk will find information sheets available in French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian, Japanese, Czech and Polish.

Our History

Although early references to the Kirk appear around 1128 the present building dates from the 15th century. Over the past eight centuries St John’s has weathered the ebb and flow of history - the Reformation, Cromwell’s Commonwealth, the Jacobite rebellions. A key event was the preaching of a fiery sermon on 'Idolatry' by John Knox, a leading Reformer, in 1559... read more

Stained Glass in St. John’s

Despite the building dating from the 15th century, with the exception of the Victorian Heiton window, the stained glass in St John’s is 20th century. This is partly due to destruction during the Reformation and partly due to the loss of skills with the disappearance of the monastic communities who had been responsible for the production... read more

History of the Organ

When the church of St. John the Baptist - St John’s Kirk of Perth- was restored in 1926, the organ builder, Frederick Rothwell of Harrow, was engaged to provide a suitable and sizeable instrument for the kirk. He incorporated in his new organ much of the 2 manual Conacher & Co of Huddersfield, circa 1873, which had served the old East Church... read more

St. John’s Kirk Bells

Since 1935 the bells and the clock have been maintained by the local authority. We have a total of 63 bells on three sites in the Kirk. The 35 bells in the main belfry are supported by a massive structure of steel girders installed in 1935 at a cost of £3,000, via public subscription... read more

St. John's Music

Running throughout Autumn, Winter and early Spring, St. John's Music is a series of Organ Recitals (first Saturday of the month at 1:00pm) and Concerts (occasional Sundays at 3:00pm) promoted by the kirk. It aims to promote the best of local music-making and to provide a platform for the many talented performers who live in and around Perthshire... read more

If you can't find what you're looking for, or would like more information about any aspect of the Kirk, please contact us.